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Strength Training Programs/Sports Specific Programming

Our trainers are all athletic therapist and strength and conditioning specialist who are medical profession that specializes in orthopaedic (Ie: Muscle, Tendons, Ligaments, Bone, Joint) injuries. We have come across many people who try to stay active but injuries become their limitations. Our goal is to make training safe but work you hard with different options: group training, mobility classes, semi-privates, and privates. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, as well as, finding the source of any problems you may have that limit you achieving your goals. The level of activity can range from light activity, weekend warriors, amateurs athletes, aspiring athlete, or high performance/professional athletes.

We are performance specialist who help people achieve their performance goals. No matter what the activity or sport, it is important to understanding the forces applied on the body that could cause these potential injuries. Going through a full body evaluation to understand each person’s physical needs, as well as, the needs of that the person to be able to perform their sport is very important. Our deep understanding of sports and activities (Ie: running, cycling, hockey, soccer, strength training, etc) will help every person who walks through our door to perform at the highest and healthiest level.

Sports: Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Triathlons, Cycling, Running, Gymnastics, Diving, Judo, Figure Skating, Snowboarding, Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Track and Field, etc.

We also are specialize and certified with the Titleist Performance Institute!

Let us help you overcome your limitations and achieve your goals!